• Sports classes

  • Performing arts classes

  • Art classes

  • Preschool and baby classes for youth in Foster Care

  • Women in shelters

  • Language programs and after-school

  • Underprivileged kids and families in need

A break from Life Challenges

Classes offered at shelters and foster care homes around the world brings relief to families and youth facing hardship.

How we are Helping

CCA mission is to develop healthy, well-rounded, confident youth, enthusiastic about learning through their participation in safe dynamic, fun-filled recreational experiences.

Colympia Sports Marketing

Hunger Relief

Hunger Relief

According to Feeding America, more than 48.8 million people face the threat of hunger daily in the United States. Colympia’s Hunger Relief programs work with local food pantries to help provide mobile meals and give care boxes to those who face this threat.


Sponsor An Athlete or Team

Sponsor An Athlete or Team

Donate a sports equipment package to a team or shelter in need.




Create a natural environment where people can live in safe and sustainable communities, whereby inequalities are respected, essential needs are met, and everyone can benefit from opportunities to learn, work and also worship in freedom.


Together We Can Make A Difference

Colympia Sports is committed to helping people in need, but we can’t do it without you. If you believe that recreational activities and sports can be an outlet to create positive passages for orphans and families living in shelters take the pledge to help.


Our Partners

With the support of our generous partners, Colympia Sports & Marketing is meeting the needs of families around the world and helping them find the strength to move forward and flourish.

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